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Shea Fust Bootcamps
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The girls hard at it during a Circuit class! 


There is a sweaty workout available for EVERY fitness level (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) with Shea's NEW system! Shea is committed to helping you find & create a workout that meets your individual needs. So enters the  New "Level" System! This method lets you CHOOSE your workout/exercises  that match your own, unique individual pace. This allows anyone from Beginner to Advanced to have a great workout and push to their own level.  

Try a $12 Drop-in and check it out to see if it's a right fit for you!

A favorite motto of Bootcamp! :) 
We pride ourselves in offering challenging, but doable workouts for EVERY level of fitness. But we also know how important  having the right support is in reaching your goals. That's why we also strive to be there for you throughout your fitness journey by providing guidance and proper coaching along the way to help you reach your goals. Our mission is to help you SUCCEED! 

Choose from:
*Regular Bootcamp
*Beginner Bootcamp
*Beginner Yoga
 *Personal Training
*Personalized Programs for your needs 
What's Happening Now?? 

 8-Week Session:
July 11th-August 31st
~Summer Bootcamp 2017!~ 

8-Week Beginner Yoga
July 19-September 6

REGISTRATION: Your first day of class!

What's Next?

6-Week Session

September 11th-October 20th
October 30th-December 20th 

**Limited Spots Available**

Looking for a place to begin??
8-Week Session
 July 11th-August 31st

 6-Week Session 
September 11-October 20th
October 30th-December 20th

Classes are every Tuesday and Thursday @ 4:45pm held at the STRIDE PLACE :)

Registration OPEN!
Limited spots available. Contact Shea to save your spot! 


Bootcamp Transformations 

A few examples of the incredible transformations done through bootcamp!







Down a total of 12lbs and 27 inches!

Down a total of 17.3lbs and 21 inches!






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