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The goal of this new class will be to get people active who do not want to do or find the intensity of my too high or the classes too physically demanding. It is important to stress that this class will be any other class I have instructed previously, again it will NOT BE BOOTCAMP, but that's a good thing right?! :)  If I could describe this class I would say something like this...it is a class that is meant to promote & encourage MOVEMENT and HEALTHY LIVING at a comfortable and moderate pace. I will be using a combination walking on the STRIDE track, and light yoga/stretching to give you a balanced program. The atmosphere will be uplifting, encouraging, intimate and fun. The purpose of this class will be to provide an experience for each person that encourages growth and progress in their fitness without seeming like it is "too much" or too intense. It can be used as a beginning step to your fitness routine, to what you already have, a stepping stone to my other classes or a chance to "get back into it" after time away. Whatever your personal story is or starting point, there is a special spot for you! 

Please email me at sheafust@outlook.com for any further details!!
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