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Important Dates for Bootcamp:

Upcoming Sessions:

*Fall Bootcamp 2017: 
September 12th-October 19th

*Winter Bootcamp 2017: 
October 30th-December 20th

**Drop-ins are always welcome!** 

Important Bootcamp Dates for SEPT-OCT Bootcamp 2017 session:

*September 28th on WALKING TRACK
*October 3rd AM & PM changed to Monday, October 2nd




    This is NEW to bootcamp! This session will last 3 weeks and will run as follows: 

    Monday: Full-Body Board Workout  (5:45 am and 5:45PM @ EAMS)
    Wednesday: Cardio & Abs (5:45 am and 5:45pm @EAMS)
    Friday: Circuit Training (5:45 am and 5:45 @EAMS) 

    Beginner Times: Tues and Thurs at 5 pm at Portage Fitness Coop

    LEVELS (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) are available to choose from making YOU in control of the intensity and your workout. You also have the guidance of TWO personal trainers available to you to help you get the most out of each workout! :)

    1-Day Per Week or 3 classes is $30
    2-Day Per Week or  6 classes is $60
    3-Day Per Week or 9 classes is $80

    OR Beginner Price $60 (see 'Beginner Bootcamp' tab for more info)

    SIGN-UP WITH A FRIEND AND SAVE $15 OFF your package!
    DROP-INS: $12 per class 

    ADD the "21-Day Challenge" to your package to get even more amazing results.

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