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*NEW* this summer....
Beginner Yoga!

You want to remain active during the summer months while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors?? Well now is the time to be a part of something FUNand ExCITING. It's SUMMER BOOTCAMP and it is going to be GREAT!! 
This bootcamp is available to ALL fitness levels (beginner to advanced) through our NEW level system! This means that YOU choose the pace and the intensity you go at.. Shea structures each workout to match Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced fitness levels.

But remember, if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. 
SUMMEBOOTCAMP is a fun physical challenge that will whip you into shape all in 8 weeks. This 8 week program boasts a combination of indoor and outdoor training with your option of classes once or twice a week. OR there is the NEW "Build Your Own Package" where you choose how many classes you would like to attend. It's up to you!! This summer we are also welcoming Beginner Yoga for those that would like to add it to their regimen every Wednesday. This yoga program will start off by introducing you to the basics and will take the time to familiarise you with the poses and then over the course of the 8 weeks, we will progress a little bit more with each class leaving you feeling refreshed and energized! 

Here is the deets on SUMMERBOOTCAMP & YOGA 2017:
When:Classes will be EVERY Tuesday/Thursday Starting July 11th
at 5:45am and 5pm
Yoga class will be EVERY WEDNESDAY stating July 19th
at 5:45am, 9am 4:45PM AND  6 pm
Where:All bootcamp classes will be held at STRIDE PLACE
 all YOGA classes will be held at POrtage Fitness Coop 

Drop-ins are: $12 per class
(6 classes and under)

7-10 classes: $11 per class
11-13 classes:$10 per class
14-16 classes: $9 per class
17-19 classes: $8 per class
20+ classes: $7.50 per class

Also as a THANK YOU for signing up, I am giving away FREE bootcamp or Yoga classes! How many free classes you receive will depend on the package you purchase. The maximum number of classes is 24 (16 Bootcamp and 8 yoga). See more details below:

*Purchase 1-9 classes= 1 free class
*Purchase 10-15 classes= 2 free classes
*Purchase 16+ classes= 3 free classes 

Purchase any number of classes 10+ of your choice for $9.50 per class, plus tax :) 
DROP-IN Option for $12.00 per class 

Register on your first day of class :) 

*OR sign-up your first day of class. Please email me if this is your choice of registering :)*


How It Works: Remember it is a PUNCH CARD SYSTEM. So think of your card as the number of classes not necessarily restricted to the days per week. So if for example you buy a "2 Days Per Week" pass and are heading away for a weekend camping with the family, you may come to camp or class 3 days a week a couple times to make-up for it if you wish. As long as you stay within the classes purchased you are good to go! 
Summer Workout Schedule: 
Each TUESDAY/THURSDAY you will be rotating through the following workouts: Mat Full-Body workout, Cardio &Abs workout, and Circuit Station workout. Each week will be a different mix to keep you sweating & engaged! 

Wednesdays will be devoted to Beginner Yoga for those that are interested. We will be gradually increasing the intensity over the course of the 8 weeks. It will start off very basic and introductory to make sure you are comfortable with the basic poses & alignment of each :).
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