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Sandi Knight Testimonial
Bootcamp Spotlight: Carrie Blanchard
Special Bootcamp Spotlight: Kim Miller
Scared To Try Bootcamp?? Read why you shouldn't be :)
Bootcamp Spotlight: Roberta Mirza


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Sandi Knight Testimonial

Sandi Knight Testimonial
It is always a pleasure as well as an honor to be able to share the stories of the amazing people I have the privilege of not only knowing but working with. It goes to show that this job goes far beyond just “giving someone a workout”, but it is more about helping them discover things about themselves on a much deeper level. Whether it be providing opportunities through bootcamp to help them see that they are stronger than they think they are OR that they are far more capable of what they believe and have a much greater potential within than they knew.

Bootcamp Spotlight: Carrie Blanchard

Bootcamp Spotlight: Carrie Blanchard
It is time to bring you yet again another amazing transformation story of a woman from Portage la Prairie. There is no need to think that REAL and AWESOME transformations are just for Hollywood television shows, nope they are right here in your community. Portage la Prairie is the proud owner of countless transformations from women living here.  They didn't need a camera in their face and a personalized camp away from society to change their life.

Special Bootcamp Spotlight: Kim Miller

Today is a special day. It’s the one year anniversary of when a very special lady named Kim Miller joined bootcamp- and I think we will celebrate by sharing her amazing story. Kim has stuck out to me since the first day I met her. I remember being able to feel her nerves as we introduced ourselves to each other before she began her obstacle course prior to starting bootcamp. I remember wanting to hug and calm her, but instead motioned Kim to go to the wall to perform her wall sit. Right then I knew by watching her, she was ready to be here and give it her all.

Scared To Try Bootcamp?? Read why you shouldn't be :)

Are you nervous about joining bootcamp?? Do you fear that you won’t be able to keep up or does the word “INTENSITY” freak you out?? You are not alone. I am often met with numerous emails from people wanting to know more about bootcamp and what to expect. I am also met with a lot of false fears people have in joining. So often, I hear people say, “I am so out of shape. I will join when I get fit” or “I am too old for bootcamp” or “I will NEVER be able to do that.” All of these are common things people tell themselves and often keep them from taking that first initial step.

Bootcamp Spotlight: Roberta Mirza

Spotlight: Roberta Mirza

It’s time to shine the spotlight again, this time I am pleased to shine it on a beauty named Roberta Mirza. Roberta began bootcamp for the first time in January and she has been shining brightly ever since. You see, Roberta has an awesome aura about her, one that you can sense as soon as you are near her. This could be due to the fact that she comes into each and every class with a great attitude, terrific work ethic and awesome smile. Or the way she has changed her life around, makes most of the days given to her and has a profound impact on her family.

Bootcamp Spotlight: Pam Leard

Time to bring you another great story from the lips of another amazing woman. Her name is Pam Leard. I have had the pleasure of having Pam in my classes for just over a year now. And throughout this year, I have watched her come into her own. Self-admittedly shy, Pam is a beautiful woman with a great spirit that is full of light and positivity. She has been a hard worker from DAY ONE and that is something that makes me extremely proud of her. When walking by her in class I know she is giving her all.

Bootcamp Spotlight: Tara Roberts

Hello Everyone! :)

Thanks for popping by my site. I want to introduce you to someone very special. Her name is Tara Roberts and she is what we like to call a "Newbie" (a term given to those who are new to bootcamp). Tara recently completed her first 6 week camp and she completed it in style. I loved watching this woman improve each and every week. No kidding, EACH and EVERY week I saw great improvements in Tara. Whether it be her physical strength (deeper bend in those push-ups) or increased cardio endurance, I saw Tara take it to the next level.

Special Bootcamp Spotlight: Betty-Jean Checkley

Happy Almost New Year!
I am here to shine the spotlight on another phenomenal woman named Betty-Jean. Betty-Jean is known as one of the true veterans of bootcamp and has been an important part of camp since the beginning. I met Betty-Jean pre-bootcamp days through another class I was instructing at the time. I remember announcing at this class that I was taking a leap of faith and starting a "Bootcamp" in January 2011. Betty-Jean took my card, the information...but sat on it for awhile.

Special Bootcamp Spotlight: Jacquie Hockin

Hello All!
Here we are at the beginning of another beautiful week and I have another beautiful woman who is here to share her story with you. Meet Jacquie Hockin. A woman who has been involved in bootcamp since the beginning. Jacquie over the course of the past 4 phases has emerged as a quiet, but powerful leader. She leads with her strong work ethic and determination in class and leads with her warm heart & encouraging spirit out of class. In class, you will see Jacquie performing full-body push-ups with ease, using the heaviest weights, and performing at 110% right until the end.

Special Blog Special: Nancy Zacharias

Hello Everyone!
Thanks so much for stopping at my site! I am here to introduce something new to the website. It involves a HUGE spotlight and shining it brightly on a variety of individuals. When you find yourself clicking here, you will meet exceptional individuals with a story. A story of where they were and where they are now....all because of physical activity. Each individual who will have the spotlight shone on them has been someone who I have personally worked with and have had the pleasure of viewing their physical transformation (inside & outside).
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